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    May 19, 2008



    We had a similar experience. My sis and I had a yardsale and at the end we boxed up the leftovers and put a "free" sign on it. Nobody seemed to want it. Then my Dad told us that we should put a dollar amount on it because people would value it more. We replaced the "free" sign with "take it all for 5 dollars"... we sold it in 20 minutes. Amazing...


    Freecycle is a good way to unload unwanted items, keeping them out of the landfills and putting your items to good use - easier to donate to a family or individual in need than to just discard in the rubbish bin! There are locations everywhere nowadays, just search the web!

    Megan @ Disorder2Order


    I am with you Lorie, I could go on for days about storage units and what they enable...

    I do like the idea of "giving" things away without really having to do much work. Great post!

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