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    October 09, 2008


    Jim Deitzel

    Good post. I find it rather ironic that you talk about being distracted by the internet, messages, and so forth and here I am.

    I arrived here because I said "I'm just going to look at the latest tweets real quick". Then I ended up clicking your link.

    So, I'm blaming you for this little distraction :)

    I think I'm going to try out the Rescue Time application and see how it goes. Thanks for the update.


    That's a great quote. And a good concept.

    I'll try to use your tips because sometimes it's good to stay focused, but really, aren't we annoyed by the "postage stamp people"? We go to them for something we need, and they put us off because they're working their regular assigned task-that's probably due in 2 weeks-and they can't stop even for a minute to do something that we need to complete our job?

    And, when you have something really important, do you use a postage stamp? No, you use priority mail or Fed-Ex.

    We only notice postage stamps when the price goes up.


    NPR had a very interesting story about multitasking and teenagers that may be of interest to folks.

    You can read online here:

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