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    March 06, 2009



    I want to add that if you're on a Mac, you can use TypeIt4Me ( which does the same thing it sounds like as Activewords.

    Genny Esterline

    Definitely going to look into this Activewords. Sounds like a real time saver.

    Another software, that is currently free, is Irfanview. I love it for getting my images ready for the website. It is a quick one two and I am loading my picture into the article I want. I can crop and set the web quality I need fast and am on my way. I don't know how I did without it. Try it.


    Dave Thurston

    Activewords is just great. I used the shortcuts you wrote about for years . . . and have started using scripts about four months ago - that software is amazingly powerful. I now preview an email in Outlook and with a few keyboard clicks, mark the priority, move it to a correct folder, and get on with the next one.


    I use Roboform for auto-filling forms. Just wished Activewords would not interfere with Evernote - do you also get that: Every time you hit Ctrl+Alt+V to insert a new note in Evernote, it is produced twice there - but only as long as Activewords is on.


    I use PhraseExpress. It is a very nice freeware alternative to ActiveWords.

    I would also like to add Jing to the list.



    Crelligence is equally good, why not try it

    Dry Cleaning Delivery Service Guy in Atlanta

    You have no idea how excited I was about finding out about Activewords.

    I use a dual monitor setup at my office which increases my productivity 10 fold (well maybe not that much). But seriously, if anyone has the ability to use two monitors, do it! Especially if you need to see two programs at once. Actual Tools makes a great taskbar that handles how programs act with dual monitors - I couldn't live with out it.

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