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    May 06, 2009



    Oh my goodness, you did hit a nerve with the article on "Information Gluttony" and "Overdoers Anonymous". I plan to put your suggestions to use Today!

    Thank you,

    Empress of Wishon

    Wow! I knew that I was a people pleasing-info-maniac, but I never made the connection that you so wisely did. Ouch! My recycle bin will be filled this week! Keep on helping us stay on track. You are greatly appreciated.


    When I saw the title of htis post, I had to come see. You have your kids info, your parents info, your business info, your hobby info...

    And many times we collect it because "we may need it someday."

    While I do save things for people, it really is rare. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my own info gluttony!


    Though I have never been the type to give articles to others, I do love to rip articles out of magazines so that I can at least toss the rest of the magazine within a day or two of it arriving in my home. I used to leave the articles in a small pail on the back of the toilet. About a month ago I changed my ways. I leave them by my treadmill & read while I walk. Now I enjoy a half hour of combined fitness and learning. I keep pace with the pile of articles and have added incentives (less clutter/great ideas) to go for that early morning walk.


    I kept magazines for my own reference: decorating, recipes etc. I decided to go through all the decorating & landscaping magazines, cut out the pictures that I want and put them into a single binder. I have the "information bits" stored electronically now in a file on my computer. I'm still working through the recipes in bits in pieces, but this has sent a lot of clutter to the recycle bin.

    Lola Meyer

    Good post! Definitly something I have to be careful with in my life. Thanks for the clarity and inspiration!


    To me, spending the day with 800 professional organizers sounds like a blast!

    Have added ClutterDiet Blog to my own Blogroll. It will be live later today. I've come to depend on your entertaining and useful tips!

    "improving personal productivity at home"

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