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    November 04, 2009


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    May I share a unique Thanksgiving tradition with you? A dear friend of mine gained a new family member who challenged all the complaining about how hard it is to pull off a sit down feast for 30 people. This was his ingenious solution. It employs using two homes and "two teams." At the first home, the host & hostess purchase the food, set and decorate the table. At another home, team two, prepares appetizers. On the morning of game day, all the gentlemen, team one, go to the first house and cook the feast. Team two, women & children, go to house #2 and hang out until called by team one that the feast is ready and to join them. After the meal, team two cleans up, while team one enjoys the game. How beautiful is that?!


    I'm all for getting the plan together now. Buying non-perishables, cleaning, etc. I have a total Thanksgiving planner for free at my site for anyone who wants to grab one.

    I've been stocking up on butter when it's on sale, stuff like that...

    You're so right about having the same food every year. Everyone has their favorite dish, and if it's not there, you have a disappointed guest.

    I'm glad you had a good time with your brother.

    Wow Audrey, 30 people? I did 25 once. That is a challenge. I usually have 13, oddly enough... It's just enough.


    Well as a Canadian, "real" Thanksgiving IS in you were spot on with your brother's visit! Thanks for the great tips, my family is tiny (5 of us total) but I will use some of them for Christmas.


    my thanksgiving tradition is when my family from new york and Massachusetts come and gather at my grandma's house for thanksgiving


    These are great Lorie, I am printing them out!


    I heard a great tip about delegating tasks to family members and guests who want to help. Have a jar with different tasks in it that need to be completed such as filling water glasses with ice, etc. When someone asks how they can help - simply direct them to the jar!

    china dinnerware

    This is so true! Every Thanksgiving, it's our family tradition to celebrate in our parent's house and I am in charge with the decorations and table settings. With a lot in mind, I usually always forget a thing or two whenever I shop. These tips are really a big help! Thanks!

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