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    May 08, 2010



    I downloaded this book a month or so ago in preparation for our big move and definitely recommend it! While any book like this is of only limited help because each move is SOOOO personal, I did pull out several chapters and put them in my moving binder to really help us get ourselves organized -- it was fabulous for brainstorming, reminding us to plan for lots of things we had forgotten about, and even having paid the regular price, I felt like I got my money's worth.

    moving companies Lincoln NE

    This book can definitely help many people out there especially who move house quite often probably due to work. Moving can indeed be a good experience especially when prepared for the worst.

    dave with norristown movers

    Oh gosh! just the tips i need! I printed them out! Mind if I share it on Louderback Moving Services Blog? Of course I will source you guys!

    Lorie Marrero

    Hi Dave, thanks for reading! Yes, you may share my tips on your blog.

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