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    July 06, 2010



    I've seen the cubes before and have been really tempted. But for years I've used gallon and 2-gallon-sized ziplock bags. They're less expensive, are more lightweight, and they're completely see-through. I can see how the cubes would be nicer-looking, easier to stack, and not slip-slide around, but I just can't get myself to spend $8+ per cube. Is there a compelling advantage to the cubes?

    Lorie Marrero

    Yes, the advantage of the cubes is that they are made of mesh fabric so they breathe. AND, the not sliding around is good too, as you mentioned. But you are right, using a large zip closure bag works too! The folders, however, I don't know of a substitute. They are just fantastic.

    - Lorie


    I'm not sure I "get" the folders & cubes. I'd love to get rid of our travel bulk (there's 6 of us) & I don't even mind spending the money to do that, but the pictures on Amazon are rather vague.

    I like the purse organizer, but would never carry my credit or bank cards in the open, so even though it's cute enough to tote by itself, that aspect is not very practical.


    I often use packing cubes and bags for shoes. On my last trip I packed all of my (many) cables in pouches. I lose patience, however, when I pack for my return and generally end up tossing everything in my bag as fast as I can. I guess half-organized is better than not at all!

    Cathy Benavides

    This is such a great post! I love carrying large handbags and tote bags, but I am very particular about making sure there are plenty of pockets. I need to have some things in immediate reach (house keys, phone, etc) and I can't have them lost at the bottom of a cavernous bag!

    Anna Wilson

    The packing folders are GREAT because you can pack so much into a small space. We travel to Europe for two weeks with one carry-on.

    Lorie Marrero

    Wow, Anna- that is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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