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    February 29, 2012



    I miss your videos. :(

    Holly Herman

    I found a great use of zip locks. My scarves were a jumbled mess in my drawer. I used one zip lock per scarce and folded it neatly inside - used different sizes. Now I can quickly look through my options and find what I am looking for. They lay flat and don't get wrinkled. If I am traveling I can quickly through them into a suitcase. Thanks my favorite!

    Jeri Leavitt

    I use them for my husbands sock drawer.
    I mark them with a Pilot Pen as to color & type
    ie:Color, Fuzzy, Nylon, high, low
    After they are washed I match them up & place them in the bags.
    Happy Husband.

    Roesli Baeni

    I marvel at the drinking water coming out of the faucet in my home in Europe, it is so much luxury having the "Evian" water straight out of the tap, while in most countries one has to buy gallons and "bottles" of this basic need for human kind. I really do not need to buy drinking water, this saves me money, time, travel and is so environmentally correct.


    Hi Mary! Thank you so much for saying you missed the videos. I miss doing them, too! I took a break while I was getting ready for my 3 day seminar Expert Visibility and am starting to get back in the swing of things. More videos very soon!


    I luxuriate in Ziploc bags, too. Of all sizes. We manage to reuse many of them until they fall apart, though. They are quite washable (except raw meat and peanut butter -- toss!).


    I LOVE zip lock bags! Terrific for all messy meat preps like coating stewing beef, chicken and marinating, also for leak proofing shampoos, sun screen, makeup, when travelling. But my favourite thing is to store all the paper, remotes, startup C/d's from new electronics like cameras, computers, TV's, Stereo equipment, etc. Each item has its own labeled bag (with date purchased, make/model/manufacturer), and every thing that was in the original case is easily stored together in one place. When I give my old items away I just grab the approprate bag and it is gone (1 in - 1 out concept) My friends and family love that they get all the original stuff.


    I am with you, Barbara! Hard to imagine what we did before Ziplocs. ;)

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