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    June 12, 2012


    Brooke {Slow Your Home}

    This is great - I've always been a big believer in starting the day off well and productively. Now I know there's a reason for it!

    This morning I've written two blog posts, set up an email campaign, a load of laundry and a series of stretches. Feeling good!


    I answered business email, made my bed, changed a load of landry, showered dressed and put on my face. But I know that if I'd have gotten up earlier I'd have a few more hours to play with in the day. Thanks for this. :}


    So happy to hear about your productive starts Brooke & Launi! Let us if you have any tips or tricks to getting things done first thing.


    I have to admit, I'm a night owl and super-resistant to this idea, even though I've heard it many times (note the time I'm posting this). Then again, I have a huge problem with productivity, so I'm not one to dispute this idea. I find that I'm most productive when I've gone to bed early-ish (10 or 11) and woken in the middle of the night unable to sleep. Then, from about 2-3 AM to 5-6 AM I get tons of stuff done. I just like the dark, which probably suggests I should get up at 4. :-) I live in a hot climate and deeply hate heat, which could be part of it, but I'm this way in winter, too. Not much for caffeine, either, so it's not that.

    Debbie Balsam

    What if you're not a morning person? I hate to move about too much befor 10 or 11.

    Donna Knight

    Morning has always been my favorite time of day, seems like the only time when I'm not disturbed and can think clearly. I agree self-discipline is always at its highest, I would like to find a way to harness that self-discipline and keep it in place in the evening. Any ideas?


    I think this is a great idea. Although I am not a morning person I do feel better when I get it over and done with before the day starts!! I am going to try this out for the next few days.


    That is great, Grace. Let us know how it works for you!

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