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    September 20, 2012



    Thank you so much for this article. I only read the header, stood up at once, take a screwdriver and fixed 2 screws in our bathroom that drove me crazy for about 2 month.

    Lorie Marrero

    That is great to hear, Anett! Amazing how we can let something small like that add up. Glad you fixed it!!


    I'm finally getting around to labeling all my yard sale items for this weekend so I can make my move easier! It's too easy to procrastinate on that stuff, and it's kind of hard to part with a few things, but I know I won't be sorry once they're gone and I have cash in hand.

    Lorie Marrero

    No time like the present, Jasmine! Thanks for reading and posting. I hope your yard sale is a huge success!

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